Essential Hip Exercises For Women Over 40 Because Yoga Isn’t Enough

When the pandemic began, I started working with my students solely online. Just after vaccinations rolled out, I was lucky enough to visit many in person and see how things were going with their practice and their bodies in general.

There was one glaring problem that seemed to come up with every woman over 40. They were all suffering from Lazy Butt-itis. No, it’s not what you think.

Despite the name, these women are extremely hard-working. They have rich and busy lives and love to do yoga but also enjoy other sports like hiking, swimming and tennis.

Despite all the busy-ness, Lazy-Butt-itis is the outcome of the extended hours spent sitting on the computer working from home.

The lazy butt I’m talking about is our glutes, ladies. Your big, beautiful butts. These very large muscles are being underutilized from sitting much of the day. Unless you’re specifically putting these exercises into your workout routine, you might be missing out.

And suffering from lower back pain as a result.

Yoga, sadly, does not focus on strengthening the glutes enough. We all need to be doing more.

This 7-minute hip strengthening routine is essential to prevent hip pain and hip muscle weakness. It’s a quick and simple hip workout that will stretch and strengthen your hip muscles- the glutes.

Calling all active women over 40 – this video is for you!

Strong and activated hip muscles are important for the activities you love like sports, gardening and…wink, wink! Another benefit of hip and glute exercises is that improves the strength and stability in your lower back and knees. In this quick 7-minute video I will show you how to connect to these large muscles and start feeling better right away.

If you find these hip and glute strengthening exercises helpful, I have a lot more. Join my free Facebook Group for active women over 40 who want to keep doing the things they love. I post video tips and tutorials with yoga and movement exercises that you can do right at home to stay healthy, happy and fit over 40.

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Hi there, I'm Rebecca. I teach yoga to women over 40 who want to maintain strength and stability safely so they can keep doing the things they love. Join me for a class online or on-demand and come gather with me for a retreat in Costa Rica.

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