Fitness & Yoga for Women over 40

Getting strong was never this simple.

Fitness & Yoga for Women over 40

Getting strong was never this simple.

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Ready for a simple, daily exercise routine that actually sticks?

You're in the right place

So, you're 40-something and suddenly, everything in your body hurts! What gives? Is this normal?

Yes friend, it is.
This is aging...and it's completely normal.


Here's the story:
Your muscles start shrinking (losing mass) in your 30s, and now, you're starting to feel it; aching hips, tight shoulders, wobbly knees.

Don't freak out:
There's something you can do about it. And I'm swooping in to make it really simple for you.

Rebecca Bly teaches yoga for seniors at

I'm Rebecca Bly, 43. I'll show you how getting strong in your forties (and way beyond) can be simple.

Look who went from zero to exercising every day

with the Forever Strong method of strength training


Dana, 47

“I loved this program! Strength training was this big scary thing and now it’s totally demystified."

Catherine got stronger in her forties and started working out every day with the Forever Strong program with Rebecca Bly

Cat, 44

“After week three, when I told everyone I hadn't missed even one workout, I was pretty proud. I never thought I'd be THAT girl."

Jenny is Forever Strong and started exercising regularly with a program by Rebecca Bly

Jenny, 44

“The biggest change for me? Yeah, this got me off the couch and working out every day... with a routine I can actually stick to.”

Laura is a Forever Strong Graduate and now works out every day

Laura, 44

"I was running up and down to the attic with boxes of Christmas decorations and there’s this one steep step, and I realized later…my weird wobbly knee was totally fine!”