Finally, yoga that's made just for you.

This is yoga for women over 40.

Finally, yoga that's made just for you.

This is yoga for women over 40.

Get Strong

Feel Confident

Feel Like You Fit In

Yes, you deserve a teacher who gets you.

So, you’re not in your 20's anymore.
Thank goodness.

And you can't work out like you used to.
Without paying the price. 

Maybe you've scoured YouTube to find something just right.
But everything is too hard or too easy. 

You're busy. Your time is valuable.
You need to make the most out of your practice.


You need a yoga teacher who can meet you where you’re at


No matter your size, shape, or ability, my yoga classes are made for women over 40. I’ll teach you how to listen to your body and make smart choices for yourself. And I'll guide you through yoga that your body loves.

This is SO much more than just a yoga class.

Strong inside and out Rebecca Bly Yoga for Women Over 40 at

Feel Strong Inside and Out

Keep aches, pains and injuries away. And stress and anxiety at bay.

Do things you love again Rebecca Bly Yoga for Women Over 40 at

Do The Things You Love Again

No more missing out on your favorite activities.

SStop searching for videos Rebecca Bly Yoga for Women Over 40 at

Stop Searching for Videos

Know exactly where your next workout will come from.

Build Strength safely Rebecca Bly Yoga for Women Over 40 at

Build Strength in a Safe Way

Classes that challenge you and make you stronger. Without risking injury.

Confidence inside and out Rebecca Bly Yoga for Women Over 40 at

Gain Confidence Inside and Out

Everything can be modified. Feel assured you're doing things right.

Sense of belonging Rebecca Bly Yoga for Women Over 40 at

Feel a Sense of Belonging

Practice with other women who like you, just want to feel good.

Not sure what kind of yoga you need?
Take my quiz to discover the style of yoga best for you now, and I'll send you videos that fit your style.

Hi there! I'm Rebecca and I teach yoga to women over 40.

I get it. I feel you. What a year this has been.

I turned 40 the year the pandemic hit. That was two years after my knees betrayed me doing something I absolutely love - surfing.

I realized that I just can't work out (or play) like I used to. And if I want to keep doing what I love, I'll have to be smart about it.

Most classes I find out there are too hard or too easy.

Maybe like me, you've scoured YouTube discouraged by the results. You just want to move your body and feel strong!

Without getting hurt. Without wasting your time.

I can't move like I used to. And some days it drives me absolutely bananas.

But that doesn't mean I'm out of the game. And you aren't either. I've worked with women of all ages in all stages of life and in 15 years teaching, I've never met one that couldn't do this practice.

I am here to tell you that EVERY BODY CAN DO YOGA.

Your age or shape doesn't matter. I'll show you how to modify ANYTHING and make it work for you.

You'll so look forward to class.
You'll love how you feel after.
And you'll love how that confidence shows up in your life.

Come practice yoga with me today.

Rebecca Bly Yoga for Seniors Private Yoga and Balance Lessons at

Rebecca has been teaching since 2006.

Certified 200-hour RYT, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, 2006.

Influential teachers: Shiva Rea, Cyndi Lee, Sadie Nardini and Tara Brach.

Are you ready to join a community of women who think and feel like you do?

Here's how we do it.

1. Practice yoga today.

I'll guide you through the options.

2. Feel the difference.

Right away feel stronger and surer.

3. Get back out there.

Renewed confidence is the new black.