Get strong and say bye-bye to aches and pains.

When you join the GLOW YOGA CLUB for women over 40.

Get strong and say bye-bye to aches and pains.

When you join the Glow Yoga Club for women over 40.

Get Strong

Feel Safe

Fit In

Are you looking for a workout designed for women your age?

The women in our GLOW YOGA CLUB can all agree:

I want to stay healthy and active for a long time to come.

I can't move quite like I used to, but I still want a challenging workout.

Safety is important. I want to do things right. No injuries for me!

I won't let aging stand in my way from doing the things I love.

Does that sound like you?

Check out our Guiding Principles

And what makes us different from other programs out there.

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Get Strong

Our classes are focused on strength. So you can move better throughout the day. So if you've been feeling stiff and achy, you're in the right place, keep reading!

Build Strength safely Rebecca Bly Yoga for Women Over 40 at

Feel Safe

This style of exercise is low-impact and safe on your joints. We don't overdo it, we do it just right. So if you've been feeling wobbly, your body will love this practice.

sense of belonging

Fit In

It's nice to be in a community of women our own age. No pressure, no judgment. So if you've been feeling like you don't fit in at your gym or exercise class, check out our friendly club.

Maybe it's been years since you practiced or you're brand new to it. I've got something to help you out.

Grab my free STARTER KIT. You'll get a FREE CLASS, VIDEOS and a tips on how to safely get going with yoga at our age.

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Hi there! I'm Rebecca and I teach yoga to women over 40.

I get it. I feel you. I turned 40 the year the pandemic hit. Two years earlier, my knee betrayed me doing something I absolutely loved - surfing. Between healing my knee, enduring a pandemic and the move to online fitness, what a few years it's been!

Out of these circumstances, "Yoga for Women over 40" was born.

Our bodies change as we age. It's natural and it's ok! Just because we can't move like we used do doesn't mean we're doomed to be stiff, cranky old ladies. No indeed! It just means we need a new approach to working out.

And THAT is how we're going to keep doing all the activities we love.

If you're like me and most of the women I work with, you want to move well, feel strong and stay healthy for a long time to come.

You too?

Come practice yoga with me today.

Rebecca Bly

Rebecca has been teaching since 2006.

Certified 200-hour RYT, Vinyasa Flow.

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