Zoom Classroom Tips


Checkout my tips for getting the most out of online classes.

Skip the commute

Practice in your PJs

Enjoy a judgment free zone

Online yoga classes. Made simple.




  • Comfortable Clothing for moving well, breathing well and keeping warm
  • Equipment 1 non-slip Yoga mat, 2 blocks and a pillow (don't have blocks? I recommend these)
  • Soft Padding Does it hurt your butt to sit or your knees when you're on all fours? I use 3 mats stacked (my floor is stone tile). Carpeting or rugs underneath also works (beware of slipperiness). Or a cleverly folded towel or blanket over your mat to protect knees and bottoms when needed.
  • Device Computer, tablet or phone and a free account with Zoom
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PRO TIP: Get a bolster. It's multi-purpose and comes in handy for all classes, especially restorative poses. I recommend these.



  • Log in to Zoom at least 5 minutes before class to resolve any technical issues.
  • Turn ON your video and audio at the beginning of class to say HELLO and check in.
  • I will mute everyone once class begins so there's no feedback noise. You can unmute when you have a question.
  • Turn ON any music you like in the background after class begins. Check out these SPOTIFY PLAYLISTS.
  • Zoom options FULL SCREEN and SPEAKER VIEW and to minimize all the thumbnails of your classmates and maximize the view of the teacher choose HIDE THUMBNAIL VIDEO.
  • Set up your computer according to the specs below.
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PRO TIP: Keep your video ON during class and set up properly (see below).

BUT WHY? I always teach to the room. That means that I change my plans in the moment as I see who shows up and how they're feeling that day. It's a constant feedback system between the teacher and the students. Without your video ON, I can't assist you or adapt the class.

If you're more comfortable with it OFF, that's ok! I want you to feel comfortable.



  • Every class begins with a HELLO and ends with a HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY. Join me for greetings.
  • Turn your video and audio ON if you're comfortable, at the beginning and end of each class so I can check in and see how you're doing.
  • Let me know if something has changed like you have a recent injury or something is bothering you. Don't want to share with the group? You can message me privately.
  • If you need to leave early or join late no problem, let me know ahead of time if you can.
  • Shut off your phone close the door and create a safe, quiet space to step into your body, deeply relax and begin feeling better today.
Screen setup


Whether you're on a laptop, computer or phone, you want it to be 2-3 feet off the ground. Ottomans, stools and coffee tables make great stands.

Place your mat so the long edge faces the camera: So I can get the best view of your form in any position. I focus on giving precise verbal instructions so you're not so dependent on seeing me or craning your neck to do so.

Sit about 5-7 feet from your camera: So I can see your form whether you're standing, sitting or lying down. If it's hard to see me, then move closer.