Not All Yoga Is Good for Anxiety

I’ve been feeling very anxious for about a week now. And my regular yoga practice isn’t really helping.

Here’s how I would describe it.

  • Elevated/prominent heart rate
  • Loss of appetite/Bubbles in my stomach
  • Trouble focusing
  • Waking up feeling tired

I’m not typically an anxious person so these symptoms are all pretty uncomfortable. Because I’m just not used to them.

Why won’t my regular yoga practice work right now? The way I feel right now, in yoga terms, is an imbalance of energy. Namely, excessive “inward/upward” energy. It’s a hormonal imbalance. A body oversaturated with oxygen. And I need to get “it” out to feel myself again.

A regular yoga practice wouldn’t normally assume you’re in this state. And the way you start class, how you breathe throughout and what types of poses you do may not be especially helpful for a person feeling anxious.

I know why I’m anxious – certain events are precipitating it, but really, it doesn’t matter. I can’t think or talk my way out of it. Telling me to just “relax” wont work. I need a mind and body practice that helps relieve my symptoms and brings me back to this energetic balance.

I have a program. It’s 10 days long. And it’s for exactly this situation. I call it “Yoga for Anxiety”. It’s not “Yoga for Nervous Wrecks” or “Yoga for Crazy People” or “Yoga for Diagnosed People”.

This is “Yoga for People Who Are Experiencing Symptoms of Anxiety Right At This Time.”

Like me.

My 10-day Yoga for Anxiety program gives you a 20-minute practice each day with practical tips and explanations of how to rebalance your body and help yourself feel better. By the time you’re done, you’ll have a kit full of tools that you can pull from when you’re feeling anxious.

It’s great having these practices in my personal yoga toolkit, because I know that when this happens again (and oh yes it will), I’ll know what to do to feel better.

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