20-minute Heart Opening Yoga Flow

In today’s practice, I’m going to show you how to safely open up the front of the chest, release tension from the shoulders and feel successful doing backbends without harming your lower back.

This 20-minute practice is from the Short and Sweet Yoga collection: 20-minute practices for Strength, Stability and Stress Relief.

This practice is safe for beginners and for people who struggle to do backbends that actually feel good. With just a few new tips about the “how and why” of backbends, you can enjoy the benefits of these elusive poses without pain or strain.

About Rebecca Bly

Hi there, I'm Rebecca. I teach yoga to women over 40 who want to maintain strength and stability safely so they can keep doing the things they love. Join me for a class online or on-demand and come gather with me for a retreat in Costa Rica.